Marketing information and Data protection

When you contact us for the first time either in person, over the telephone or by registering on our website you will be asked how you prefer to be contacted in the event of essential communication for example a change to your booking.

You will also be asked whether you wish to receive marketing materials by post or email. If you would like to check or amend your contact preferences, you can log into your online account and change your settings at any time or please contact us on

Hull Theatres work with touring promoters and on occasion will provide them with general sale information such as ticket sales, demographic, and geographical information, however your personal details will not be shared unless you have agreed to this at the point of sale.

You have the right to opt out of any marketing communication at any time:

  • Email marketing:  use the unsubscribe button on any email we have sent you
  • Postal marketing:

Admission to our venues is subject to adherence to these terms and conditions.

The latest government guidance regarding Covid-19 procedures and other relevant industry legislation.

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