Seat Restrictions

If you purchase a ticket which has a restricted view, you will be informed of the restriction at the time of booking and your ticket will state restricted view.

However, if a restricted view occurs due to the specific technical staging of individual shows, we will attempt to notify customers and endeavour to re-seat if possible.  Refunds will not be given in these circumstances.

Management reserve the right to re-seat customers into alternative seats for reasons beyond our control. This will be into a seat of the same or higher value where possible.

At seated events, other members of the audience may stand up during the performance which may block your view if you choose to remain seated or if they are taller than you.

Other members of the audience in front may also be taller than you when everyone is seated which may cause a restricted review.  Refunds and compensation will not be offered if your view is restricted in this way. 

Management reserve the right to make alterations to event programmes or cast for reasons beyond our control. Refunds will not be offered due to cast changes.

Customers are advised that certain events may be advertised in local or national media prior to announcement by the venue and beyond the control of the management.

There is a duty manager available at all events. We advise any issues or queries are raised immediately to them or any member of staff to ensure swift resolution.

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